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phase 1: Educate

We empower you by educating you on how to lead a healthy lifestyle. We also analyze your current situation and create a customized plan that works for you.

phase 2: execute

With our support, you execute on the strategy we outline for you and establish a strong health foundation.

Phase 3: monitor

As you execute your strategy, we regularly work with you to monitor your progress and see how you're doing towards your healthy lifestyle goals.

Phase 4: achieve

Through ongoing education, empowerment, strategy execution, and monitoring of your progress, you will achieve your health goals. It's at this time, we will further refine your goals through feedback and work towards maintaining your new lifestyle.

North America's Premier Email-Based Weight Loss Program

Rise Above Online Nutritionists Email Chat Plans

  • You are busy at work or constantly travelling

  • You live too far away from a nutritionist or don't have access to a nutritionist in your area

  • Your health condition doesn't allow you to visit a nutritionist

If that sounds like you, Rise Above Online Nutritionists has the ideal solution for you - an Email based Weight Loss Program (North America's First!).

This program is highly interactive where we assess your needs and create a plan that is customized for you. This program is not a cookie-cutter program and is designed from Day 1 based on your desired goal.


This program is structured in the following way: a) an Education Phase b) an Execution Phase c) a Monitoring Phase and d) a Maintenance Phase. The program is delivered in the format of 3 emails per week where we provide the health education, assessment, counselling, and monitoring of your goals and also provide ongoing support to answer any questions, concerns, or set backs you may have in reaching your goals week over week.

An Example of How the Email-Based Weight Loss Program Works


You are currently 220 Ibs. and want to lose 50 pounds over the year, we will first assess whether this is a safe goal and create a custom plan for you to lose the weight. We will begin by educating you on key topics to help you understand how your body functions (basics of healthy eating, label reading, compare your diet to the Food Guide, etc.) and then create a custom workout plan to help you reach your goal (execution phase which will be the major portion of the program). We will track your progress week over week using our custom analytics solution and provide you weekly reports to see how you can continue to improve your healthy habits. Finally, once your goal is reached, it is now imperative to maintain your weight before you fall back to your old bad habits. This is where we provide a strategy, track your habits, and look for ways to continue tweaking your lifestyle to maintain your goal.

Payment Format: There are no contracts or commitments. You only pre-pay for the plan that you are interested in and we take it from there. Since you never really lock on to a contract, you are free to cancel anytime!

Our highly qualified nutritionists will work with you directly to create a plan customized only for you! Tailored health education to foster a healthy lifestyle, ongoing monitoring and feedback to reach your goals effectively. No more generic workout plans, poor health advice, and ineffective nutrition consulting. It's simple. Book a session with one of our online nutritionists today and let's get started. We also offer Private Consultations via Live Chat.


We track and monitor your health progress each week through our industry leading in-house analytics. This service is unparalleled and really enables you to see your strengths and weaknesses and find areas where you can improve over time. Download a sample of our weekly report below to get a better understanding of how this works.

Sally Shaw, 43

I wish I met you guys sooner. The online nutritionist I chatted with really helped me understand my caloric intake and how I can make practical changes in my life. The plan, execution, monitoring was awesome! Thank you.

Candace Parker, 29

By far, the best nutritionists in town. Thank you for helping me reach my health goals. I feel much better and my confidence has gone through the roof!

Randy Brown, 32

Rise Above Online Nutritionists changed my life. I'm now 20 lbs lighter and feel so much happier. Not sure I would be able to do all this without having ready access to an online nutritionist who kept me motivated. Thanks for a great experience!